Haniye Verschoor

I had problems with my weight loss since I was a teenager. I tried lots of diets. When I met Katy (mijn lijf in balans) everything was changed for me.she helped me to change my lifestyle and I could lose my weight easier than before, for example she gives you easy recipes which are healthy and delicious. So you will be eating the food you like and you will still lose weight.


I am working with Katy since March 2020. I am 46 years old and when we started, I weighed 128,4 kg (188 cm). From the 1st day, Katy had an extremely positive and can-do approach. As a professional Nutrition consultant, she doesn’t offer a typical diet service that you just follow. She takes you through a different way of living. For example, in my case the biggest advice that I never had in the past was a simple one: buy a scale for your kitchen and weigh everything you eat!!!! You understand that it is not matter of what you eat but measure it and track the progress. Katy’s guidance also emphasizes the importance of specific vitamins and supplement intake.

My initial target was to go below 11 kg until June 2020. I reached that target by mid of May 2020 (in just 7 weeks)!!! And to think that I achieved this level mainly by controlling what I was eating without losing taste. Now we are placing a new target, to go at 109 kg by end of June 2020. We are talking about for 21 kg in 3 months!!!

The hardest hurdle is the psychological battle that you face in your journey. Katy provided me a continuous consultation, support and practical tips & tricks throughout this process, combined with unique and tailored personal training. So, in that sense she offers an end2end target service.

I am extremely happy that I got to know Katy and my investment in her is paying off very fast!!!

Bart de Brune

Katy heeft me geholpen met een gezondere leefstijl op een manier die voor mij makkelijk vol te houden is, met simpele dingen zoals geen suiker houdende frisdrank en een beetje bewegen.
Maar wel met lekker eten! (Alleen wat bewuster). Tijdens mijn programma met Katy ik ben ook gestopt met roken 🙂

Jennifer V. Hughes

I loved working with Katy!! She made the experience for me very comfortable. The meal plans that she set up worked for me in my everyday life and balanced with me and my family. I would definitely recommend her. She is great when it comes to keeping you motivated. I reached my goal and have continued to keep it off. Thank you for all your help.

Roya Oskoee

Ik ben super blij dat ik met de hulp van Katy binnen 2 maanden 10 kilo gewicht heb kunnen verminderen. Ook ben ik Katy zeer dankbaar voor haar motiveren en begeleiden in het bereiken van een resultaat waar ik zelf niet in geloofde. Zelfs wanneer ik het wou opgeven of niet kon vol houden heeft zij mij gemotiveerd en geadviseerd om door te gaan en het lukte ook steeds. Voor mijn knieoperatie moet ik 20 kilo gewicht kwijtraken en zoals het nu doorgaat ziet het er naar uit dat dit binnen 2 a 3 maanden bereikt zal worden.

Matteo Zira Grilli

I found Katy while I was working in the Netherlands. I wanted to lose some weight but I like food and I’m not a sportsman. With the help of Katy, that is following up tightly to make sure you are sticking to the program, I could achieve good results, and I have to admit that healthy food is delicious and easy to prepare. Highly Recommended!

Great coaching – Georgios Giannakopoulos

“Working with Katy has literally been life changing.
I have much more energy, I sleep better and have lost weight! From 101 kg and now I’m around 86kg!!
She is a great weight consultant giving clear explanations for her recommendations and breaking down her suggested changes into manageable and realistic chunks.
I can whole heartedly recommend Katy as a professional with a huge amount of knowledge but also a huge amount of practicality and understanding. “

Feeling Happy – Diana Smith

Since I know myself I’ve been trying many diets but none of them worked for me. I felt hungry all the time and eating wasn’t helping. I had my intake with Katy at 1st of February 2016 (I was 99,80 kg). She supported me and told me that its going to work. She made me believe in myself. I never liked sporting but with walking and home training what I got in my program and suitable meals recipes on 20 May 2016, I got 78 Kg.
Now I don’t feel hungry anymore with my sugar levels are more balanced (almost no sugar rush anymore).
The best part of Katy’s program was that I might have regular meals without diets!

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